We all can agree that the use of artificial intelligence is a controversial subject and LEGO recently has been caught using AI images on their site. Over on the now taken down LEGO Ninjago character quiz, there were plenty of AI images of the characters, some of which were very badly made. You can see that on the hands on some of them.

LEGO has released an official statement about this issue. On one hand, they have a policy of not using AI generated content but they also state that AI “offers interesting opportunities” so I’m not really sure if they’re really against it or not.

We have a clear policy not to use generative AI to create LEGO® content. We fundamentally believe in the wonder and power of human creativity and will continue to encourage and celebrate the talented artists who help bring our brand and characters to life.

These images were used in a test which happened outside of our usual approval processes, and we will take all necessary steps to ensure that it won’t happen again.

We believe generative AI offers interesting opportunities and we will continue to explore how we can use it to improve the experiences we offer and our ways of working.

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