LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Earlier today, LEGO released a new image which is their version of the 10 year celebration poster of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it may give some hints on possible new LEGO Marvel Super Heroes minifigures. Some of the more notable things include a barely visible Wasp, War Machine, Bucky Barnes as well as Wong with updated printing.

This is interesting because they could show up in a summer release set for Infinity War similar to the Tanker Truck Takedown (76067) for Captain America: Civil War. This is purely speculation as I haven’t heard of any concrete information about it. There was a rumor late last year of the largest Infinity War set with set 76106 which could possibly include those characters.

Again, this poster could purely just be a promo image but we know that LEGO likes to throw in teasers so who knows. Sound off below of what you think this could mean.

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