LEGO City 2014 System Sets

I’ve gotten a couple of emails from various readers that images of the 2014 LEGO City System sets as well as the Great Vehicles can be seen in the back of a revised PDF booklets of various current sets. A few of the System sets can be found in the back of the Excavator Transport City Mining (4203) instructions and the Great Vehicles can be found behind the Cargo Truck (60020). I first saw the image of the Great Vehicles on Eurobricks but haven’t had time to do a post until now. The images are a little blurry but you can still make out the sets.


Prisoner Transport (60044) – Top
Mobile Police Unit (60044) – Mid
Police Patrol (60045) – Mid Right
Helicopter Surveillance (60046) – Right
Police Station (60047) – Left

Great Vehicles

Race Car (60053) – Bottom Right
Light Repair Truck (60054) – Top Middle
Monster Truck (60055) – Middle
Tow Truck (60056) – Middle
Camper Van with Canoe (60057) – Mid Left
Jeep with Boat (60058) – Bottom
Logging Truck (60059) – Mid Left
Auto Transporter (60060) – Mid Right
Airport Fire Truck (60061) – Top Right

LEGO City 2014 Great Vehicles