German retailer JB Spielwaren has revealed some of the 2023 LEGO City sets. For next year, LEGO has gone back to the usual Police and Fire sets but there are some interesting vehicles outside of those sets. Note these are translated set names and they aren’t accurate to the official names.

Bear Stunt Bike (60356)

Cyber Stunt Bike (60357)

Mobile Police Dog Training (60369)

Police Station Breakout (60370)

Emergency Vehicle Headquarters (60371)

Police Academy (60372)

Fire Boat (60373)

Fire Brigade Command Vehicle (60374)

Fire Station and Fire Truck (60375)

Animal Rescue Truck (60382)

Electric Sports Car (60383)

Ice Cream Slush Truck (60384)

Wheel Loader (60385)

Garbage Truck (60386)

Off-Road Adventure (60387)

Gaming Tournament Truck (60388)

Auto Repair Shop (60389)

Small Tractor (60390)

Police Motorbike Chase (60392)

Fire Truck (60393)

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