The new LEGO City Road Plates (60304) are now available and fans have been getting their first-hand look at them but not without some reluctance to switching from the traditional road plates. The LEGO City Design Team has released a statement on the LAN of why they went with this new road system in which the roads are brick-built. Since the rumors and eventual reveal of the set, there have been a lot of differing opinions on the pros and cons for both the old road plates and the new ones. Which LEGO road system do you prefer?

There are several benefits from the new LEGO® City road plates being introduced in 2021. The new road plates play an integral role in the LEGO City products where it, due to the modular nature of the builds, allows you to be creative and create the LEGO City of your liking. This is the reason we actually believe the new road plate provides a more authentic building experience and also because it can be reconfigured in many ways and it allows you to connect your LEGO City buildings in a better way. Going forward we will also be able to include one or more road plates in relevant products across the LEGO City portfolio. This was something we were not able to with the old version. We believe this will be a big advantage for the kids as they don’t need to buy a separate road plate product to get started building their LEGO City. We also acknowledge this is a big change for the AFOL community but we believe long term the new road plate will allow for even greater fan builds and customization.

It has been of a great importance for us to develop a new element that adds new aspects to the play experience LEGO City brings to millions of kids every year and at the same time is more true to what LEGO is all about. Building.

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