The summer 2019 LEGO City Mars Exploration sets are now available for purchase on LEGO Shop@Home. There are seven sets in the wave and they are inspired by NASA’s real life technology. These sets have been available in Europe since the beginning of the month but North America had a later release. The promotion for the LEGO Ideas Space Rocket Ride (40335) is somehow still going on even after the promotional period has ended so get your orders in before it gets fixed. As always, please use our links to make your purchases as it does help support the site.

Satellite Service Mission (60224) – $9.99

Rover Testing Drive (60225) – $29.99

Mars Research Shuttle (60226) – $39.99

Lunar Space Station (60227) – $59.99

Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control (60228) – $99.99

Rocket Assembly Transport (60229) – $149.99

People Pack: Space Research and Development (60230) – $39.99

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