LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 12 (71007)

A few people have emailed me about a feel guide in preparation of the release for LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 12 (71007) in October so I guess I’ll write up a little something. Since the minifigures haven’t been released here in the US yet (that I know of), I’ll just describe what to feel for using images that are currently available.

We already know the distribution of the minifigures in a full box with WhiteFang’s review on Eurobricks and it will be a little easier searching for them since there are three full sets per box.

1. Wizard
The easiest thing to feel for is the large dress/robe leg piece but be careful since the Fairytale Princess also has it. The thing that distinguishes this minifigure from her is the wizard hat piece. You’ll notice a little tip on the hat is slightly curved and it does not have hair attached to it like the Fairytale Princess has.

2. Hun Warrior
The sword and the pointed hat should be the things you feel for. Be wary of the shield piece which has a stud in the middle unlike the Battle Goddess who has a slightly different one.

3. Fairytale Princess
As mentioned before, she has the large dress/robe leg piece. The things that makes her stand out is her hat/hair piece. It is a single piece and is pointed on top with the braided hair attached at the bottom.

4. Video Game Guy
There’s nothing much that gives him away except for the 1×2 controller tile and the hair/headphone piece. Be careful if you only feel for the 1×2 tile because the Jester also has the same piece.

5. Battle Goddess
The easiest things to look for is the spear and the smooth shield.

6. Space Miner
The large armor piece is the easiest thing to feel for on the Space Miner.

7. Lifeguard
You should be feeling for the rescue buoy and the binoculars.

8. Prospector
The large unique hat is what you should feel for although it is slightly similar to the Swashbuckler’s. The pickaxe is also useful.

9. Jester
The jester hat is pretty simple to feel for. He also has two 1×2 tiles so make sure to confirm with the jester hat or you may be disappointed by ending up with the Video Game Guy.

10. Dino Tracker
The bow and arrow piece is the only thing you need to feel for to find the Dino Tracker.

11. Pizza Delivery Guy
The 2×2 pizza box tile and the 2×2 round pizza should be easy to feel for.

12. Rock Star
The item that stands out for the Rock Star is the guitar.

13. Swashbuckler
You should be feeling for the hat and the rapier sword. The hat is a little similar to the Prospector’s so confirm with the sword.

14. Piggy Guy
The pig costume helmet piece and the apple are the only identifiable items with this minifigure.

15. Genie Girl
The curvy genie leg piece should be the first thing you feel for. The lamp and hair can also help out.

16. Spooky Girl
The teddy bear is one of the good indicators that you’ve found the Spooky Girl.

So there you have it. A simple guide that you call follow to help with your journey to collect all of the Series 12 Minifigures (71007). For experienced fans who’ve done this for a while, you may or may not find the guide useful but for people who are new to this, I hope this helps you out a little.

Again, Series 12 will be available at LEGO Stores and on Shop@Home on October 1st but you can probably expect them to show up a little early at Toys R Us, Walmart, Target, and maybe the shops at LEGOLAND.

Thanks to everyone who emailed in asking about it. Good luck!

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