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The news is coming hot and fast and here’s the latest thing to surface out of the rumors that came out a few weeks ago. Remember that time when we were the first site to report that the Series 14 LEGO Collectible Minifigures (71010) were going to be Monster related? There are now images coming out of Baidu of some minifigures that have been leaked and they sure fit that description. I’ve been reading other sites and people have been twisting the words and threw in that it was Scooby-Doo related or strictly Halloween-themed. No, I said it was Monsters, period. The information that I was given strictly said Monsters with no other words attached.

From the images, there are a lot of different types of Monsters represented like a Frankenstein-type, some zombies, a Vampire, a Witch, a Werewolf, a Skeleton, a Mad Scientist, some type of cat-woman, and a guy in a plant costume. Keep in mind that since these are still leaked images, they might be the final versions of the Series 14 minifigures. We’ll just have to wait a little long for LEGO to officially reveal them to see if these are indeed them.

So now you seen what appears to be some of the Monsters from the Series 14 LEGO Collectible Minifigures, what do you think of them? Leave a comment below or on our Facebook thread.

**Via Eurobricks with image collage via Hoth Bricks**

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