LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 18 Rumored Character List

Way back in May of last year, I reported that the upcoming Series 18 LEGO Collectible Minifigures were rumored to be costume themed with the wave consisting of minifigures being in various costumes. It looks like there are some new details of what Series 18 could be when they are scheduled to be released in April. As always, these are purely rumors until they are officially announced by LEGO.

Red Suit Brick Guy
Classic Police Officer
Elephant Suit Girl
Rocket/Firework Guy
Red Dragon Suit Guy
Birthday Cake Guy
Race Car Guy
Flower Girl
Blue Brick Girl
Blue Unicorn Knight
Orange Balloon LEGO Fan Boy
Spider Suit Guy
Purple Balloon Girl
Cactus Girl
Cowboy Suit Guy
Balloon Artist Clown
Cat Suit Guy/Girl

**Via The Brick Show**

  • lorbaat

    for the love of god lego please just do a Marvel set

    • 541n7

      Or a Marcel advent calendar

    • David4

      They might not be able to legally. Kind of like how in 2000-2002 time frame Hasbro sued (and won) over having the action figure license for Star Wars and that lead to Battle Packs.

      It’s probably why we will never have a DC series and why LEGO is milking LEGO Batman to death, probably some legal benefits.

      • lorbaat

        People still believe the old Hasbro/Lego “action figure v. building set” urban legend?

        Thanks for the throwback. Meanwhile here’s an article from 1998 explaining why there won’t be a legal conflict when the new Star Wars line comes out:


        • David4

          It was not an urban legend, it’s 100% true. But thanks for proving me wrong from an article that came out before the sets that caused the lawsuit? I mean really.

          • lorbaat

            I’m not sure why you’re so dismissive of a Wall Street Journal article that addresses and debunks the issue years before the supposed suit, but surely you can share a link about the outcome of this “100% true” lawsuit?

            It must have been covered in the business papers, just like the Hasbro v. Lego Bumblebee trademark suit (which was the only actual lawsuit between the two I could find anything about).

          • Gomek

            I’ve had a few different Lego employees tell me that the reason for gluing the magnets was because of issues with action figure licensing. I’ll trust that they had reliable sources.

            Also none of the people I spoke to said the word ‘law suit’ but this doesn’t mean that some lawyers didn’t make some phone calls. It only comes to a law suit if Lego refuses to make concessions and I doubt it ever came to that.

          • Purple Dave

            It could have been a Cease & Desist letter (the first step in the road to a lawsuit), or they could have asked Lucasfilm to lean on The LEGO Company for them. But yeah, TLC isn’t exactly known for putting up a huge fight over stuff where they’re on legally shaky ground. In this case, it was probably just a request that they stop, and not even one that asked for damages to be paid, which makes it that much simpler to just comply and move on.

            Of course, I’ve also seen people claim that the line (which included a few non-licensed IPs like Ninja) was dropped because it didn’t sell well. Given that online shopping hadn’t really taken off yet, the LEGO Store chain only had maybe half a dozen locations across the entire US, and we were years away from people being used to the idea of buying stuff that was just minifigs, there’s a strong possibility that the line wasn’t going to continue anyways. There was a big news presence over the “fact” that TLC caved in and agreed to stop producing the Jabba’s Palace set over the Hagia Sophia, but the reality was that it had been out for a while and was due to be retired around that time regardless of what anyone asked them to do. Likewise, a lot of people made a huge stink about their Shell partnership, and celebrated success when they announced that it would be ending, but all they ever really said was that the term of the partnership had run out. They never said they declined to pursue a renewal because they’d caved in to public pressure. I think a lot of these things are more about saying, “Look, the situation that you’re protesting is changing for business reasons, so there’s really no point in you protesting about it anymore.”

          • The Anonymous Hutt

            Interesting, I’ve always been curious about the Jabba’s Palace debacle. For the love of God people IT’S JUST STAR WARZ!

          • Purple Dave

            I’m a little fuzzy on some of the specifics, but here’s what I remember:

            The Hagia Sophia was built as an Eastern (Greek) Orthodox cathedral, which was later converted to Roman Catholicism, then an Islamic mosque, and finally, in 1931, into a secular museum. It’s considered the best example of Byzantine architecture. All of that is easy to find out on Wikipedia.

            It’s believed to be the basis for the design of the exterior of Jabba’s Palace, and indeed bears such a strong resemblance that it’s hard to argue otherwise. A trio of sets based on Jabba’s palace were released way back in 2003, but they only featured interior details, and 15 years ago was an entirely different social landscape. In 2012, a new Jabba’s Palace set was released, this time including a one-sided view of the exterior, including the main dome and the single tower. A year later, they released the Rancor Pit that could be placed under the main dome section of the Palace. This is an important detail, but one that is almost always left out when discussing the Hagia Sophia/Jabba’s Palace outrage.

            So this guy, who wasn’t even from Turkey, and wasn’t Muslim either (and apparently wasn’t aware of the early history or current usage of the location), raises a fit over how the Jabba’s Palace set casts a bad light on Muslims, making them look like villains and thugs. The LEGO Company’s only response was to say that the Jabba’s Palace set would be retired that year. No mention of it being pulled from production as a direct result of this one-man protest, nor of production being cut short from the original planned run. Just that it would be retired that year. The guy who raised the protest celebrated his “success” to any media outlet that would listen. And a year after the almost certainly original planned retirement date of the Jabba’s Palace set, the Rancor Pit set that was released a year after the Palace was also retired a year after the Palace. This pretty much proves that the Palace set was not, in fact, pulled out of production earlier than originally planned. In fact, it had a good two year run, which is highly unusual for a LEGO set, just to provide a solid overlap with the release of the Rancor Pit.

          • Purple Dave

            Wow. Hasbro sued WB/DC of trademark infringement for a character name that DC introduced a full six years before Transformers even existed? WB should have responded in kind by challenging Hasbro’s trademark, which very likely would have resulted in it being voided so that nobody could claim it. LEGO should have responded by going after every last instance of patent infringement that the Kre-O brand is probably guilty of.

      • Glyn Millett

        yeah and since people are still buying sets maybe they might bring out 2 or 3 more batman movie sets

    • Purple Dave

      Make a LEGO Batman Movie 3 set that gets us Ballgown Barbara, and 19 more of the crazy Batsuits! Adding SDCC Batman to the mix would be a really nice touch.

  • Brandon Earl Taylor

    Well I don’t always buy all the series minifigures. That will change for this one!

  • Michał Duda

    Wow! All great!

  • The Anonymous Hutt

    In other words, “Suit Guy, Suit Gal, Suit Guy, Suit Gal….”

    • Purple Dave

      No, you’ve got that all wrong. It’s “Suit Guy, Suit Guy, Suit Guy, Suit Gal…”

      They’ve been running around 30% female since S6 (5/16, 6/20, and Disney actually had the highest percentage with 6/18), but TLBM2 and TLNM actually cut that back to 5/20 for a flat 25% like S5.

      • Purple Dave

        Just did a quick count, and if this list is accurate, and if this list is 100% accurate, and the Police, Knight, and Clown are all male, this series looks like it’ll be 6/18 like the Disney wave. So, I suppose it would be more accurate to say “Suit Guy, Suit Guy, Suit Gal, Suit Guy…”

        • The Anonymous Hutt

          Are you always so factual? I find it amazing how you can be so strict but also so hilarious! xD

  • Glyn Millett

    great news for fans of minifigures in costumes and I hope the rumours are true