The team at LEGO CUUSOO has been working to streamline their rules and policies to make the whole process a smoother one. In their latest blog post, they note that they are switching the quarterly review schedule to three times a year and the “shift aligns the review schedule with the rest of the LEGO Group’s internal processes in a way that allows us to release results more regularly.” The review deadlines will now be in May, September, and January. This change will also allows CUUSOO to give results faster for their reviews and instead of waiting nine months for the results, you’ll see them around four months. In addition, they are working to shorten production times so the sets can get to the consumers quicker.

Finally, the results of the Fall 2013 Review will be coming in the next couple of weeks. The deadline for the first 2014 Review deadline is May 5th at 12:00am GMT.

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