The results of the Fall LEGO Review has been announced and the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover by Perijove will be the next offical LEGO CUUSOO set. On November 25, 2011, NASA sent the rover to Mars to study the planet. Perijove is a mechanical engineer that worked on the actual Curiosity Rover at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He created the CUUSOO set to further the educational outreach of the Rover’s mission to the Red Planet.

The Curiosity Rover went up against the UCS Sandcrawler by mb_bricks and Thinking with Portals! by Brickthing and Team Jigsaw. The product development is still in progress so there’s no pricing or availability as of this time however, Joe Meno from BrickJoural is at Brickworld Chicago 2013 and he notes that the set will be available in January 2014. The Curiosity Rover will be the fifth official LEGO CUUSOO set.

For Portal fans, The LEGO Jury is still looking into the possibility of also releasing the set. This is the first time that LEGO CUUSOO may release two sets from the same seasonal review session. There’s no decision yet on if Thinking with Portals will pass the review or not.

Results of the Fall 2012 LEGO® Review

We’re excited to share the results of the Fall LEGO® Review. In September, three LEGO CUUSOO projects entered the second quarterly review period for projects that successfully reach 10,000 supporters. These three projects—the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover, UCS Sandcrawler™, and Thinking with Portals!™—have been being considered for production by the LEGO Review Board.

21104 Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover- pending final name confirmation

It is with great pleasure we reveal that the next LEGO CUUSOO set will be the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover, based upon the LEGO CUUSOO project by Perijove.

This project rose to popularity in late summer 2012, when the real Mars Curiosity Rover approached and landed on the planet Mars in its historic mission. The model designer, LEGO CUUSOO user Perijove is a Mechanical Engineer who worked on the actual Curiosity rover at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Perijove writes that he built and submitted the rover to further the educational outreach of the Mars Curiosity rover’s incredible mission, and to encourage greater public support for space exploration.

The final product is still in development. Exact pricing and availability is still being determined, so stay tuned for an update on when you can buy your own Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover in the coming months.

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