Have you ever took pieces from a completed set to finish a MOC? If so, then this project is worth supporting. Chris Ciafardini aka Odd.Robot has come up with the idea of Themed Brick Boxes on LEGO CUUSOO. The premise is simple. LEGO bricks that have already been manufactured are put into their particular themed tubs for builders to expand their models. Below is a description of the project:

Themed Brick Boxes would work the same way as the generic brick boxes that currently exist. The difference would lie in the unique pieces commonly found within a series, including colored bricks that fit the brand colors of the series.

This concept utilizes the licenses LEGO currently has and would only repurpose the bricks/pieces and containers that the company currently produces. Each new series can utilize this type of product.

This isn’t necessarily a brand new concept or a plea to begin a new LEGO series based on my favorite video game, movie, or cartoon franchise. This is however a solution to an issue I myself and others have come across while purchasing and playing with LEGO products.

As the sets become more and more astounding, I myself have found it difficult to breakdown the model into it’s many components. Take the Millennium Falcon model for example. I loved building it and I love having it on display in my home. I would however like to build my own models with the pieces that were contained within the set but I also cannot go and spend the full amount again for the set just for the pieces.

This is where the idea of Themed Brick Boxes comes from. I am not suggesting all the pieces from this set are dropped into a box and sold at a lower price. I am however suggesting pieces commonly found within the different series such as Star Wars, Marvel/DC Superheroes, LEGO Friends, Ninjago etc. be sold in boxes that allow LEGO enthusiasts to build their own models using the themed pieces found across the series.

Pros to Themed Brick Boxes:
• Perfect for all CUUSOO members that create their own models.
• Allows users to bring their own ideas to fruition without sacrificing actual models.
• Spans across all LEGO series.
• Provides themed containers in different colors.
• Provides access to unique pieces not commonly found in current brick boxes.
• LEGO can produce different size boxes with varied brick types.

• May cost more than existing brick boxes due to the inclusion of unique bricks.
• Could potentially compete with the sales of actual sets when users just want the pieces. (Even though this is not the intention.)

Complimentary ideas for this concept:
• Addition of unique mini-figures to each box.
• Instructions for random models designed by the LEGO master builders. (I really like the learning aspect of the Master Builder Academy sets and this would be a perfect product to continue the instructional building lessons.)
• Printed LEGO comic books to create a story or dialogue with the user and the product.

As Chris states:

This product is not meant to compete with existing LEGO sets. These brick boxes will act as a complimentary product.

There have been many times where LEGO has released “sets” to add to existing sets such as bulk brick sets and LEGO creator tubs. I, along with many builders, would love to have these Themed Brick Boxes to expand current sets such as building more to Helm’s Deep from the Lord of the Ring series.

If you like what you see and agree that we need bricks to complement a certain theme, then go support Chris on his project on LEGO CUUSOO. Don’t forget to comment on the project and share it with other people. He would definitely appreciate it. Let’s get this to 10000 supporters!