LEGO CUUSOO has just posted a message stating that LEGO CUUSOO beta will be ending and will be replaced with a new site called LEGO Ideas. Effective April 30th, 2014, everything that was related to LEGO CUUSOO will be migrated to LEGO Ideas. With the launch of LEGO Ideas, there will be some updated terms and conditions.

1. All projects will have one (1) year to reach 10,000 supporters. Existing projects will have until May 1st, 2015 to get the required number of supporters and will keep their existing supporters. Any projects submitted after April 30th will have one year from the publish date to reach 10,000 supporters. Projects that don’t get 10k within the year will expire and will no longer accept supporters. You may be able to resubmit the project but you will start with zero supporters.

2. If you are between 13-18 years old, you may now create and submit projects but if you reach 10k, you will need a written permission from a parent or legal guardian before your project will be considered for the Review Stage.

The current LEGO CUUSOO site will be redirected to LEGO Ideas for 6 months so during that time, everything will be automatically redirected. After November 1, 2014, all links going to LEGO CUUSOO will stop redirecting so you have to update your links.