Today, LEGO CUUSOO has posted a major update to most of their Guidelines, House Rules, and Terms of Service. The goal of these changes is a quicker turnaround during the Review Stage and LEGO can produce the products faster. Before the changes, LEGO has been fairly lenient on what they accepted as a project for submission. That will all be changed starting today.

  • Brick-Based Construction Toy Projects Only – You will only be able to create projects that use standard LEGO parts.
  • One Project = One LEGO Set – No more series of projects. The exception is the LEGO Minecraft theme due to contractual agreement with MOJANG.
  • No Minifigure Series or “Battle Packs” – Pretty much what it says, no more minifigure projects. You will need an actual set to go with those minifigures.
  • Only Use Authentic LEGO Parts – No more non-LEGO brand parts aka Mega Bloks, K’Nex.
  • No Company Logos or Team Mascots – No more using other brand’s logos and/or mascots as the theme of your project.
  • Please Don’t Use Our Logos – Again, pretty much what it says. No more using the LEGO logo even on the mock-ups.

There are many projects at are currently supported that violate these new rules and restrictions. LEGO states that many of the existing projects that are violating the rules won’t be considered anymore. Many of these projects will be removed in the near future. Some projects that are able to be modified to conform with the new rules will be contacted and projects that have over 1,000 supporters will have until the end of the year to make the changes. Projects that have less than 1,000 supporters will have to make the needed changes before they hit 1,000 supporters.

With all these changes, LEGO has made it clear that they want the system to go as smooth as possible. This goes back to the concept of submitting your original idea to the site and hope it is good enough to get the needed supporters. Many fans will be divided over this decision by LEGO but this will clean up the site a little more and won’t be wasting people’s time from both parties. What are your thoughts on these new changes?

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