LEGO Batman Adam West

Earlier today, LEGO posted an image celebrating the birthday of Adam West. You probably know that Adam West was Batman from the Batman television series back in the 1960s. That takes us to the point, did LEGO tease out a hint of the Batman minifigure for the upcoming LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Classic TV Series Batcave (76052) set?

Notice the Batmobile in the image above of the newer style stud shooters on the hood. Before there was no mentioning if there would be a Batmobile in the 76052 set but this is more evidence that there could be one included. LEGO has released a chibi version of the vehicle at San Diego Comic Con but this set could be a great opportunity to put out a regular sized car.

Thanks to everyone who messaged in about the image. I did see it this morning but I was at work the whole day and didn’t have time to do a post on it then.

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