LEGO DC Super Heroes Wonder Woman Warrior Battle Revealed

LEGO DC Super Heroes Wonder Woman Warrior Battle

Entertainment Weekly has reveal a LEGO DC Super Heroes set for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie with the Wonder Woman Warrior Battle (76075). It will have 286 pieces and will be available on May 1. The minifigures include Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman as well as a brick-built Ares. The price is reportedly to be $29.99.

Thanks to CM4Sci for the heads up.


  • Scarilian

    Ares looks ‘ok’ – he’s basically the Giant-Man figure from Civil War with some small changes. Nothing else in the set really appeals.

  • Now that looks so Wonderful!

  • Sid Dinsay

    I’m loving the brick-built maxifigures, beginning with Giant Man and now Ares. It’s a welcome change from the mechs and the bigfigs.

  • Kerin A. Prince

    Am still hoping for a WW invisible JET with a size to fit in a mini Wonder Woman, and Wonder Girl or Steve Trevor, and made with a lot of clear plastic bricks……

  • ghost man

    very odd this set. that plane, with zero wiggle room for definition, is a military machine of war.

    • Purple Dave

      So is the Flying Wing from Raiders of the Last Ark, and the German fighter plane from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. So are the Sopwith Camel and Mini Sopwith Camel that weren’t released under the LEGO Direct banner. The haven’t wholeheartedly embraced such things to the extent that Megablocks has, but they’ve definitely backed off of their “No 20th Century weapons” rule. LEGO Batman gave us a semiauto pistol and a tommy gun. They’ve revised the semiauto at least twice, that I can identify, so it’s clearly here to stay.

      Sure, as a rule, they tend to lean more towards the fantastical than realistic military gear, but this is a case that’s similar to the Indiana Jones sets. It’s based off a movie, and they didn’t get to pick what was in the movie. At that point, you either go with what’s iconic or you avoid it and hope your whatever’s left of your set doesn’t suffer for it. In this case, Steve Trevor is a fighter pilot. Take the fighter plane away, and he’s basically just set dressing.

  • Norse Highlander

    Great, now someone can simulate a LEGO Ares vs Kratos battle.