LEGO Digital Designer 4.3.11 Update Now Available

LEGO Digital Designer

A few days ago, I reported that LDraw had just updated the parts list on the software and it looks like LEGO Digital Designer has also updated their software as well. The latest version (4.3.11) includes updates to the parts list from the past year which includes over 400 pieces. You can download LDD directy for both Windows and Mac OS.

  • Purple Dave

    Wait…are we talking about the same LEGO Digital Designer that they said was no longer being supported? Interesting. They did say something about further updates being possible, even if they weren’t a sure thing.

  • Lock

    Too bad still no new Millennium Falcon 75192 cockpit half cones… 🙁

  • jermain burnett

    I use to build stuff with lego ideas.

  • Aaron Velez

    I still get version 4.3.10.

  • Aaron Velez

    I still get version 4.3.10. Does anybody know if this update is legit?

  • darkbrick999

    Does this new update work on Windows XP? That’s what I use, and it hasn’t updated yet. I saw that re-installation is recommended for this, but won’t that delete all your preexisting models?

  • Euphorine Fleur de Vie

    That’s very good news! Thank you !
    But why the 4.3.11 software is not on the official website?