LEGO Dimensions Year 2

E3 2016 is going on all week and LEGO Dimensions. has shown off some of the new content that will be coming out later this year. The main thing was shown off was the Battle Arena. The demo shown was sort of a Capture the Flag mode featuring a local 4-player split screen. There are four game modes in each Battle Arena.

Some other details that were given out for the Year 2 LEGO Dimensions content is that all of the new expansion packs will have unique Battle Arenas. All of the first year’s characters are able to be used in the Battle Arenas. Additionally, you can play as a single player if you desire and the other characters will be controlled by the computer.

The release schedule again will be in separate waves with the first being in September, then November, January, and March.

Check out some of the Battle Arenas gameplay below.

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