LEGO Dimensions Year 2

Here’s something that’s interesting coming out of the LEGO Dimensions subreddit. Apparently a company called FigureFun LLC is suing LEGO and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for patent infringement. The company states two patents, 7,001,276 and 7,338,377, are infringing on their rights and are seeking damages.

Users in the subreddit quickly debunked that FigureFun is using a practice called patent trolling. This is when a company obtains the rights to patents to make a profit from licensing or through the courts which is what is happening here.

According to public records, FigureFun LLC was set up on April 4, 2016, a whole year after LEGO Dimensions was introduced so this lawsuit is coming in pretty late. It’ll be interesting to see the outcome of this lawsuit, if any.

You can read up on the whole lawsuit here.

**Via Bricks to Life**

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