LEGO Disney Princess Toys R Us Lumiere Building Instructions

LEGO Disney Princess TRU Lumiere

If you missed out on the LEGO Disney Princess building event for Lumiere at Toys R Us earlier today, a reader was kind enough to email us the instructions for the build as well as the sticker for the face. I’ve also posted the instructions for Cogsworth if you want to build that too as well.

LEGO Disney Princess TRU Lumiere 2

LEGO Disney Princess TRU Lumiere Sticker

  • DT Rayel

    Something weird happened at my local Toys R Us here in Indiana: they had Lumiere available to build the first week, and Cogsworth the second! Anybody else run into that odd occurrence?

    • I’ve heard of another instance happening somewhere in New York. I would blame whoever ran the event since the builds were clearly stated before it happened.

  • jermain burnett

    Is nice I wish go there