It’s been a while but LEGO has officially announced some new LEGO Education sets dedicated to teaching students STEAM while removing digital barriers and teaching physical science through fun and engaging lessons. There will be two sets called BricQ Motion that includes a number of building activities to allow kids to learn about motion. BricQ Motion Essential (45401) will be for ages 6+ and BricQ Motion Prime (45400) will be a bit more advanced for ages 10+. Teachers will also get online lesson plans along with 6-10 hours of education content and resources with the sets. Check out the press release below.

LEGO® Education adds two new STEAM learning solutions to its K-12 education portfolio

Teach physical science with sports themed LEGO® Education BricQ Motion sets that engage students in learning no matter where it happens

Billund, Denmark (January 4, 2021) – Today, LEGO® Education unveiled two tech-free solutions for playful, hands-on STEAM instruction in schools. Based on the theme of physical science, these compelling solutions offer a fun and unique way to understand abstract concepts with real-world applications. BricQ Motion offers two classroom sets: BricQ Motion Essential for ages 6+ and BricQ Motion Prime for ages 10+. Students experiment with forces, motion, and interactions in the playful context of sports, such as skiing, gymnastics, derby car racing, and more. The action-packed curriculum meets core science standards across grades, fosters creativity, and develops engineering and math skills.

Esben Staerk, president of LEGO Education, said: “Making learning engaging is more crucial than ever, and we are excited to bring two solutions to market that support teachers in the classroom and encourage students in the field of STEAM from a very young age. From understanding the cause and effect of push-pull forces via a tight rope walker balanced with weighted bricks to exploring Newton’s laws through land yachts and propeller cars, BricQ Motion was designed to engage even more students and teachers in the discovery of STEAM concepts.”

Designed for teachers by teachers, three curriculum units offer hours of educational content, as well as limitless possibilities with open-ended projects. Primary students plan and conduct investigations as they explore push and pull forces and observe patterns of motion, while secondary students apply their scientific inquiry skills based on an object’s force and mass. BricQ Motion also includes new elements to easily gather data (variables, angles, heights, and lengths) for analysis and synthesis, using visual math for a more creative, relevant, and fun way to learn.

Getting started is easy with teacher video guides, student videos and worksheets, assessment rubrics, tips to simplify or extend the lesson, and math and language arts extensions. Comprehensive professional development will be available for teachers to learn, practice, and master competencies to facilitate playful STEAM learning with confidence.

“I’ve used LEGO Education solutions for years, but I have colleagues who are nervous about diving into their technology rich solutions. BricQ Motion is perfect for them – it’s easy to get started, and without the technology aspect, adaptable to use with students whether it’s in-person, hybrid, or remote learning,” said Kristin Williams-Luthi, Science Instructional Coach at Gwinnett County Public Schools. “Even for experienced STEAM teachers like myself, I’m excited to get hands-on with BricQ Motion.”

In the U.S., BricQ Motion is available today for $99.95 per set at or as part of a Hybrid Learning Classroom Starter Pack that includes supplementary Personal Learning kits. Flexible to use in classrooms and remote environments, the starter pack is designed to let students continue learning about forces, motion, and interactions no matter where the learning happens.

In other markets, BricQ Motion will be available for pre-order starting this month. Please contact your local sales representative or LEGO Education authorized reseller for complete pricing and availability.

To learn more, visit:

About LEGO® Education BricQ_Motion
LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Essential
o Designed for ages 6+
o Costs $99.95 per set, which can be shared by up to two students at a time
o Includes 523 LEGO bricks (including replacement elements)
o Sturdy storage box with color-coded sorting trays
o 2 printed building instructions booklets
o 2 curriculum units*: Train to Win for lower primary and Winning with Science for upper primary

LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Prime
o Designed for ages 10+
o Costs $99.95 per set, which can be shared by up to two students at a time
o Includes 562 LEGO Technic and brick elements (including replacement elements)
o Sturdy storage box with color-coded sorting trays
o 1 printed building instructions booklet
o Science of Sports curriculum unit*

*Each unit plan includes 6-10 hours of educational content and teaching resources

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