Yesterday LEGO officially announced LEGO Fortnite and earlier today they dropped another video showcasing a ton of characters transformed into LEGO minifigures. With the latest update, there will be over 1,200 Outfits that will also have a LEGO Style. If you already own a particular Outfit, you will also get the LEGO Style for free. This will be the same for any Emotes you own as well. LEGO Fortnite will be launching this week on December 7.

As for any LEGO sets, there hasn’t been any information about them besides one for the Supply Llama set with set number 5008257.

With the Fortnite v28.00 update, over 1,200 Outfits now have a LEGO® Style in addition to their regular Fortnite Style! LEGO Styles are playable in upcoming LEGO experiences inside Fortnite, including the all-new survival crafting adventure LEGO Fortnite. LEGO Fortnite launches December 7, 2023… the adventure is building!

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