British retailer Tesco has publish the box art for a few of the summer wave LEGO Friends jungle rescue sets. They also have provided descriptions of the sets:

LEGO Friends First Aid Jungle Bike (41032)

First Aid Jungle Bike (41032) – 156 pieces – $14.99

Seek out animals and nurse them back to health with the LEGO® Friends First Aid Jungle Bike set.

Help Emma to rescue the monkey trapped in the cave! Hop on the First Aid Jungle Bike with detachable sidecar and race to the scene, before springing into action and clearing the fallen rocks. Use the shovel to shift them out of the way, and then use the medic bag to check the monkey’s health.

Once everyone’s safe you can help the monkey to find a banana to eat, before using the walkie-talkie radio to warn others of the dangerous rockfall!

The LEGO® Friends First Aid Jungle Bike 41032 set includes an Emma Mini-doll figure and a monkey.

LEGO Friends Jungle Falls Rescue (41033)

Jungle Falls Rescue (41033) – 183 pieces – $19.99

Prepare to embark on a wild rescue mission with the Jungle Falls Rescue set from LEGO® Friends!

The beautiful Jungle Falls is home to some truly amazing wildlife. The power of this location shouldn’t be underestimated though, and the rough waters seem to have stranded a tiger. Spring into action and halp Olivia to build a dam, before rescuing the frightened animal.

Once safe, you can all go up to the cliff-top hut and enjoy some tasty drinks and a fresh fruit salad in the company of the friendly chameleon. Later you can even go and explore the caves together.

The LEGO® Friends Jungle Falls Rescue 41033 includes an Olivia Mini-doll figure, a tiger cub, chameleon and accessories.

LEGO Friends Summer Caravan (41034)

Summer Caravan (41034) – 297 pieces – $29.99

Make the most of the summer sun with the Summer Caravan from LEGO® Friends!

Join Olivia and Joanna as they hop in their brand new car and caravan to travel to their favourite camping spot just outside Heartlake City. Set up the campsite and prepare a delicious meal using the camping stove. Sit down for lunch at the table and chairs while admiring the stunning views and beautiful scenery.

Put out the sunbeds, slap on some sunscreen and listen to your MP3 player to enjoy a relaxing spot of sunbathing. After a lovely day int he sun you can hop in the shower before settling down for the night.

The LEGO® Friends Summer Caravan 41034 set includes a car, caravan, Olivia and Joanna Mini-doll figures, a hedgehog and accessories.

LEGO Friends Jungle Bridge Rescue (41036)

Jungle Bridge Rescue (41036) – 365 pieces – $29.99

Prepare for an exciting mission with the LEGO® Friends Jungle Bridge Rescue set! A baby bear is stranded on a dangerous old rope bridge. Help Mia to jump in the helicopter and rush to the scene, before telling Matthew to meet you there in his off-roader.

Hover over the bridge and winch down the stretcher to return the bear to safety. Then Matthew can use the medical kit to nurse the bear back to health. Once the rescue mission is complete, Mia and Matthew can enjoy a fun afternoon discovering treasure in the rocky cliffs.

The LEGO® Friends Jungle Bridge Rescue 41036 set includes Mia’s helicopter with a moving rotor and opening cockpit window, Matthew’s off-roader vehicle, Matthew and Mia Mini-doll figures, a baby bear and accessories.

**Via Brickset**

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