LEGO has announced that they will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Galidor theme with a new line coming later this year. The short-lived theme was introduced in 2002 with a TV series as well as a small line of sets that went along with it. If you weren’t familiar with Galidor, it centered around the adventures of Nicholas Bluetooth and Allegra Zane who were warped into the world of Galidor which was being taken over by Gorm.

The Galidor 20th anniversary line will reintroduce the action figure line complete with the limb switching functionality which was the core mechanic of the original line. This time, the theme will be the first line to be completely produced with the sustainable, plant-based bricks. Also included will be minifigure versions of the characters which is new since the original line didn’t have that.


[1st April, UK] The LEGO Group has today announced seven brand new sets from the world of Galidor to celebrate the 20th anniversary. Originally released in 2002, this brand-new wave will reimagine the sets that we all loved and for the first time ever, they will be produced completely out of the plant-based materials to keep up with our sustainability efforts.

Available from June 1st, the new products offer builders the opportunity to recreate scenes inspired by the TV show. Be sure to follow our social media to get the latest information on this exciting news.

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