If you’re still using the LEGO Hidden Side app for whatever reason, you only have a few months left on it. When you start up the app, you get a message from J.B. saying that the servers will be shutting down and the app will become discontinued at the beginning of 2023. The theme ended at the end of 2020 and I was surprised that the game actually lasted this long.

Although LEGO is still committed to the long-term digitialization goal, it hasn’t really worked out for them according to the last few themes that required apps. LEGO Fusion back in 2014 was a total flop. LEGO Hidden Side had potential but didn’t last either. LEGO VIDIYO was cancelled after only a few month but is looking to release new play experiences in 2023. The LEGO Super Mario theme doesn’t seem to be doing well either. The Luigi’s Mansion sets are already discounted and they don’t seem to be moving. Let’s see what LEGO has planned for other app-required themes but so far, kids seem to like to keep their physical and digital play separate.

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