LEGO has announced a new LEGO House experience for 2024 called Build the Change which is the most ambitious addition to LEGO House since the opening in 2017.

LEGO® House Kicks off the 2024 Season with a New Experience to Help Shape the Future through Play and Imagination

‘Build the Change’ is the most ambitious addition to LEGO House since the opening in 2017

• The new activity aims to inspire LEGO® fans of all ages to articulate their own ideas on various current themes such as sustainability and biodiversity through play and imagination.
• The highly purposeful storyline of the activity underpins LEGO® House’s ambition to create experiences and spaces that give access to Learning through Play.

Billund, Denmark, January 29 2024: LEGO House welcome the start of the 2024 season by working with the LEGO Group’s Build the Change initiative to introduce a new experience in the Blue Zone, championing cognitive Learning through Play. LEGO House opened in 2017 as the ultimate LEGO experience situated in Billund, Denmark, where the LEGO brick was invented more than 90 years ago. Since the start, LEGO House has continued to evolve, and from today, this new Build the Change in the Blue Zone will be available for LEGO fans of all ages to enjoy.

The new activity, which has been in development for over one year, is a close collaboration with the LEGO Group’s Build the Change program, originally launched in 2007. Taking lead from the original program designed for kids, whilst reinforcing LEGO House’s role as Home of the Brick, the goal of this new activity is to provide a meaningful avenue for guests to articulate their aspirations for the future using LEGO bricks. It allows them to tackle culturally relevant topics and spark meaningful conversations, centred around sustainability.

“LEGO House is divided into Experience Zones, designed to build the five flexible skills that children learn whilst playing, helping them take on the future with confidence. In the Blue Zone, you engage your cognitive skills in solving problems and handling challenges. Build the Change encourages the use of imagination to solve problems and encourages thinking in new and creative ways to find innovative solutions.” says Kathrine Kirk Muff, Managing Director of LEGO House.

It has been a dream from the very beginning to bring a Build the Change experience to LEGO House “the Home of the Brick”. However, it was crucial for the LEGO House Experience team to design a version of Build the Change that appeals to all age groups and that can constantly evolve to cover new topics over time:

“LEGO House is always evolving, and with this new activity, we have truly gone the extra mile to develop a uniquely purposeful experience that our guests have never seen anything like before. The Build the Change program is all about giving children a voice and providing a playful and hands-on approach to current topics. However, the LEGO House version is designed to be equally engaging for all ages,” says Kathrine Kirk Muff, Managing Director of LEGO House, continuing:

”We aim to inspire the builders of tomorrow, and we hope that this new activity will spark meaningful conversations, both during the building process and afterward. We really can’t wait to see guests of all ages approach the new experience with curiosity and engagement.”

Real-world challenges solved through play
Build the Change at LEGO House stands out due to both an eye-catching physical design and an advanced use of technology incorporated ‘behind the scenes’ making the experience engaging and surprisingly interactive. Also Build the Change at LEGO House will continually evolve based on guest feedback, shaping a community-driven activity by adding current challenges on a regular basis. Build the Change will continue to challenge visitors with new tasks and new storylines.

As you step into Build the Change, situated in LEGO House’s Blue Zone, a LEGO minifigure greets you with a creative task. The challenges vary each time, but you might, for example, be asked to devise an eco-friendly vehicle that operates on banana peels. With a colourful array of LEGO bricks at your disposal, you craft your innovative design. Once your banana peel-fuelled vehicle is complete, a second minifigure awaits to digitally capture your creation and hear about your unique design concept. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, your LEGO vehicle is then digitally animated and displayed on the overhead grand screen, as the minifigure cheerfully highlights and celebrates your inventive solution.

“This experience is LEGO House’s fresh approach to engaging with the Build the Change program. We haven’t incorporated this level of interactivity and innovation before. Furthermore, with this new experience we have the ability to ongoingly adapt and improve the experience – the development won’t stop” says Søren Bering Andersen, Head of Experience in LEGO House.

Designed to evolve
Obviously, important topics change over time and new ones emerge. Therefore, Build the Change is designed to develop continuously – not least to ensure the guests a new and engaging experience with each visit. To gather the first set of insights visitors can vote for potential themes at a special exhibition at LEGO Square – the public and ticket-free part of LEGO House. The exhibition, open from January 27 – March 4, 2024, also offers an exclusive ‘peek behind the curtain’ on how Build the Change was conceptualized for LEGO House exhibiting design mock-ups, sketches and more.

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