The Thursday panel schedule for San Diego Comic Con 2023 is now live and there will be one for LEGO which is the LEGO: I Had a DREAMZzz Last Night About Ninjago! As expected, LEGO will be showcasing their newest IP, LEGO DREAMZzz, which includes some of the voice actors for the show. In addition, LEGO Ninjago will be there as well for Ninjago: Dragons Rising so instead of it having a dedicated panel like with previous years, it’ll be a combined one so there won’t be that much time to go in depth since probably each show will only get about 20 minutes of details with some time left over for the Q&A.

The panel will be held on Thursday, July 20 from 10:30-11:30am in Room 6BCF. Of course, I will be in attendance I’ll most likely be doing the live post as I have done in previous years. You can follow me on Twitter or on Threads for that. Hopefully, I have time to juggle between the two.

Learn all about LEGO DreamZzz, a new content IP that launched in May. The panel will be hosted by Keith Malone (head of entertainment development for the LEGO Group) along with voice talent Sarah Jeffery (Zoey), Marcos Cardenas (Mateo), Vincent Tong (Logan, Kai), Brian Drummond (Mr. Oz, Nightmare King, Ras, Riyu, Lobbo), and Larissa Dias (Izzie), as well as DreamZzz LEGO model designer Freddy Charters, head of LEGO production Asa Tait, and Doc Wyatt and Kevin Burke, head writers of Ninjago Dragons Rising. Be sure to come as your favorite Ninja or Dreamchaser.

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