LEGO Ideas First 2016 Review Stage Winner Announced

The LEGO Ideas First 2016 Review Stage is now complete and the project that will become an official LEGO Ideas set has been announced. There were nine projects that qualified for the review stage including Fossil Museum, Gingerbread House, Modular Train Station, Old Fishing Store, Jedi High Council, Particle Accelerator, Jurassic Park Visitor Center, Rolling BB-8, and Johnny Five.

It was been revealed that we will be getting the Old Fishing Store as a LEGO set next year! There’s no details of piece count or pricing but we do know that the Old Fishing Store will be released in the fall of next year. Congratulations to Robert Bontenbal for achieving this goal and we look forward to seeing the final product soon.

The Second 2016 Review Stage is underway and those results will be announced in early 2017.

  • leggot

    this is the best they could choose? how many people have a nautical lego layout? I get the issues with licensing, even the gingerbread house would have broader appeal, I would think.

  • Rob

    Let’s go Eagle 5 (Spaceballs) for the next round!!! Although the observatory looks cool too.

    As cool as the fishing house looks, I won’t be getting it.

  • Kordel Pender

    *sigh* Lego Ideas *sigh*

  • The Anonymous Hutt

    Well, that’s crap. Not that the fishing store is bad, it just isn’t as good as some of the others.

    • The Anonymous Hutt

      Actually, let me amend that statement:

      Well, that’s a disappointment. The Fishing Store is designed very well and all, but it just isn’t my favorite of the bunch.

  • Ollie Davies

    It’s a nice model, that is beyond question. I’m still convinced that the Fossil Museum would have been better, but congratulations to the designer.

  • rainey Smith

    I don’t know what other ideas were under consideration but I think this is spectacular and I’m thrilled that they’ll market it. I can’t imagine what about it should be changed and I hope they’ll do his other companion pieces as well.

    Edited to add that I just reviewed the other models that were also considered and I think Lego completely made the right choice!

  • Chewblocka

    Well that was suprissing. Not something I will get but it looks neat, kinda wished lego would give there reasons for not picking the losing entries (Which they have done before)

  • myscrnnm

    I’m seeing a lot of complaints here about the selection for this round. And first of all, this is a great build. The level of detail is what one expects out of something you’d see at a LEGO convention, and it’s unlike anything we’ve seen in an Ideas set before.

    Now as to why the others weren’t chosen, I think it’s fairly obvious. Going down the list, the fossil museum is too similar to the Research Institute (small to medium sized set with a dinosaur skeleton), the gingerbread house is too similar to the Winter Village sets from Creator Expert (medium to large size holiday-themed building), and the jedi council, Jurassic Park visitor center, train station, and BB-8 were not going to be chosen because they’re based on existing IPs that LEGO has themes for.

    I don’t know why people can’t get their head around the fact that LEGO will not, and should not for that matter, make Ideas sets based on Star Wars, modulars, et cetera. Ideas is a very small theme, and they’re not going to “waste” a set on something they can easily make in another theme. Realistically, that left the fishing store, particle accelerator, and Johnny Five. And out of those three, the fishing store is definitely the one that best embodies the spirit of LEGO Ideas. It doesn’t rely on a licensed IP and uses building techniques that are very creative (in the vein of a Creator Expert set or the Ideas Exo-Suit).

    • Jon Houck


    • OhioBricker

      As long as LEGO accepts submissions based on already existing themes, people are going to wonder why they don’t win. LEGO hasn’t done a building for its Ideas set recently. I think that had a lot to do with it. I’m personally thrilled, but I have a LEGO town, so as cool as they may be, rolling BB8s and Johnny 5s don’t do much for me.

  • Jon Houck

    I’m ecstatic for this one. This, I believe, was the fastest to 10k of any Ideas set, unless I’m mistaken. I will certainly be buying it. I don’t collect the modular sets or have a nautical theme, either.

    The set is unique, well detailed, and looks amazing. I would have liked to see the museum set done, too.

    • The Anonymous Hutt

      Actually, I think Voltron(in the next review) was the fastest of any review projects.

      Or do you mean of sets that actually got approved? If so, my bad.

  • Bongo Beans

    Great – I love it! I didn’t think this had a chance, but I’m really glad to see such a well executed model. This will go a treat with the lighthouse! The train station would have been nice too, though. There is too much good stuff in the next round, whatever they choose there will be something I’ll be disappointed by not being chosen.

  • James Boxell

    This is the only one I didn’t really like the look of. I probably would have bought all but this one so I’m quite disappointed.

  • jon gibson

    Once again no Jurassic park set whats the the 3rd one to get though now and get binned at the end 🙁

    • The Anonymous Hutt

      Yeah, I’m sad too. It doesn’t look like Lego will be making any classic JP sets anytime soon.

  • NRD1138

    What is surprising is not the model, which is nice, but the likely price. Color me surprised on this one as this has to be around 150 USD as assembled. Even if LEGO waters it down, it is looking like a 100+ set, which is a monumental shift in Ideas sets that will be selected.

    • myscrnnm

      The creator says it’s made of approximately 2,160 parts, so the $150-$170 price point would make sense, similar to a modular building in terms of piece count and element size makeup. We’ve seen an upward trend this year in the scale and price of Ideas sets. The Maze was the first to exceed $60 at $70, the Caterham is $80, and I’m certain the Saturn V will be over $100 (1,179 pieces, many of which are relatively large).

      Many skeptics have said that LEGO won’t produce large Ideas sets, but the voting interface has always had a provision for sets up to $200. It’s just a matter of whether there will be enough appeal for people to spend that much on a set, and I think it’s a yes for the Saturn V and fishing store.

    • rainey Smith

      This was obviously designed with adult sensibilities in mind. I certainly hope Lego will keep the price as reasonable as it can be but I am fully prepared to pay what this model costs and be delighted to have it as it is.

      I think Lego could find an entirely new market with models with this sophistication and personality. They may discover that there are adult women out there who have been waiting for something that isn’t dripping in testosterone.

      • myscrnnm

        Not sure what current LEGO sets are “dripping in testosterone,” seeing as they’re designed for children.

        • rainey Smith

          OK. Maybe I should have chosen my words more carefully but it really is a male oriented design team churning out Star Wars, car and action hero type stuff that doesn’t have much female appeal of whatever age until they came up with the saccharine Friends and Elves stuff that’s nearly as off putting.

          The choice for the Old Fishing Store, while not in any way conventionally female, is still a much broader and more gender neutral direction that I think the adult female market will appreciate.

          • myscrnnm

            The Star Wars, Speed Champions, and DC/Marvel Super Heroes sets are the way they are because they’re based on existing, licensed intellectual properties. The former two in particular give set designers a relatively narrow scope in what they can build because they need to reflect something that consumers are already familiar with.

            As far as the minifigures that come in the Speed Champions sets, it seems LEGO is definitely making a concerted effort to attract both sexes, as sets in that theme containing more than one minifigure have a female in them, which we wouldn’t have seen twenty, or even ten years ago.

            The Elves and Friends sets are the way they are because market research has shown that that’s what appeals to the largest demographic of young female builders. For the most part, traditional LEGO sets (eg. City, Classic, Creator) are completely gender neutral. It’s merely the parents buying those sets for their children who are assigning “gender roles” to both their children and the set contents. Based on their advertising, LEGO has always been of the opinion that their sets are for everyone; but ultimately they are a business, and the success of Friends and the spinoff minidoll themes is a testament to their acumen.

            But as far as the Ideas sets go, I think LEGO has definitely made very good gender neutral choices thus far to appeal to a broad audience (and of course, it’s in their best interest to do so, as the packaging, literature, and parts are higher than for other sets in their product lineup). From what I’ve seen, the Doctor Who and Big Bang Theory sets were more popular among females than males.

          • rainey Smith

            I understand that licenses determine the limits of the design. The fact remains that Lego has acquired very male oriented licenses.

            You’re right that modulars may interest adult women and that City sets are gender neutral. But City models are not very likely to interest a mature woman. And figures who are female within a construct that’s predominantly male as in the super hero genre don’t make anything more appealing to women.

            This Ideas choice, like the modulars, is the first thing that I’ve responded to personally in an extremely long while. Tho I buy a LOT of Legos for the people in my life, to this point, I have bought a Winter Village set once a year and rarely been tempted by more. RobenAnne’s whole maritime world, on the other hand, is COMPLETLY charming and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

            I was never charging Lego with being misogynist in any way. I was simply saying that there are adult women out there who could enjoy Lego products as much as adult men do if they designed more along the lines of this selection.

          • Dante

            Then what would really relate to “mature women”?

          • rainey Smith

            I can tell you what I relate to but I’m sure it wouldn’t be definitive for all adult women. I am wildly enthusiastic about this. I liked the birds but didn’t buy them. I like the Winter Village. I’m not into the Ninjago things but that temple and peasant village they did was great. If they had developed that theme I would have been all over it. I’m not about fantasy either but I’ve seen some dioramas with buildings and landscapes that knocked me out. If I had been aware of what was available back then I would have gotten the medieval village. So I guess the answer is something

            So I guess my answer would largely be something that you can spin a narrative about that doesn’t include militarism or aggression. Something in another time and space with some personality and a story to tell.

            Is that helpful?

  • moseph

    This is a definite buy for me, I loved since I first saw it

  • Roy Anthony

    I for one am excited for this set! I love the style, colors, and overall layout of the build. This is one of 4 that was submitted by the creator, with another one getting 10k votes. Love the whole series, and can’t wait to get it.

  • jermain burnett

    The old fishing store is ok and nice detail on them but I want Rolling BB-8 to win to enter to sell on store and like the lego large Stars Wars RD2 they sell at at stores for couple years was in store.

  • REALLY chuffed to see the The Fishing Store coming to shelves. We need more sets for adults like these.

  • Matthew Castillo

    Absolutely phenominal, Going to grab it as soon as it’s out.