LEGO has announced the winners of the LEGO Ideas First 2022 Review Stage and we actually have more than one project chosen. Out of the 39 projects that were in the running, LEGO has picked four to become official LEGO Ideas sets. These projects include:

LEGO Insects by hachiroku24

A huge congratulations to Fan Designer José María (aka hachiroku24). José María has hit a homerun with his small builds inspired by 5 different insects found around the world. He has captured the colours, shapes and overall details so well that it’s hard to tell they are brick-built! We think they will be a great way to bring a piece of nature into your home without bugging you!

The Orient Express, a Legendary Train by LEt.sGO

Big congratulations to Fan Designer Thomas Lajon (aka LEt.sGO). We’re so excited to finally give our fans a train set! There are a few trains as famous as the Orient Express but none of them can rival the elegance, luxury and history that comes with it. Thomas has poured a lot of love into capturing the details from the locomotive and coal car to the restaurant car to make sure this is the perfect tribute to such a legendary train. It’s a special privilege to bring this creation to life in LEGO bricks!

Tales of the Space Age by john_carter

A huge congratulations to our first Polish Fan Designer Jan Woźnica (aka john_carter). Jan’s 3-piece product idea intrigued our review board and we’re certain it also caught the fascination of the community overall. He’s managed to create stunning poster style sci-fi scenes filled with action and serenity, showing you don’t need a lot of bricks or loads of details to create awe-inspiring LEGO models.

Polaroid OneStep SX-70 by inibrick Productions

A huge congratulations to Fan Designer Marc (aka Minibrick Productions) for being selected with his incredible tribute to the iconic Polaroid OneStep SX-70 camera. Using his mechanical engineering background, Marc not only made this creation look flawless but also added hidden functionality that mimics the development of film as it slides out of the camera. We can’t wait to see the memories created with this Polaroid camera.

This means that 35 other project that were also in the running did not move on which obviously will disappoint fans who voted for those. The final details for the winners are still unknown until their announcements in the future. LEGO is now working on the Second 2022 Review in which there are 51 projects and those results will be announced in early 2023.

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