LEGO currently has the LEGO Ideas Football Table (21337) on sale for 30% off on the LEGO Shop. It is now priced at $174.99 which saves you $75 on it. This discount does have some meaning especially since it just released last month.

The most obvious reason is that it is overpriced for what you get as real foosball tables cost less than the price of it and not many people would want to spend money on the small one. Also some may not want or don’t have money to spend on LEGO in general since there’s been a lot more higher priced sets that have been released this year compared to previous years. People are more budget conscious and they have to pick and choose which sets are worth the price.

Either way, the set has been discounted but there’s no mentioning on how long it will last. Maybe it’s one of those sets that end up on the permanent sales list.

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