LEGO Ideas I Am Your Father Achieves 10,000 Supporters

The I Am Your Father project by szabomate90 is the latest one to achieve 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas. The 1,482 brick project recreates the iconic scene from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back where Darth Vader reveales his parentage to Luke.

It now joins Gilmore Girls – Luke’s Diner, Wonders of Peru, and NF-15B Research Aircraft as the projects to reach the Second 2017 Review Stage.

  • gwai-lo

    This will go great with the UCS cloud city coming in September

    • The Anonymous Hutt

      You wish…

      I wish…

      • gwai-lo

        Oh I used the force! I know!! Lol

        • The Anonymous Hutt

          Yeah right, and I Am Your Father… xD

    • PeteH

      That would be the biggest let down in LEGO history.

  • myscrnnm

    I’m surprised LEGO Ideas is still accepting submissions based on existing IPs currently in use. No way this will get chosen, but I do hope LEGO comes out with a new Cloud City set soon.

    • This project was already submitted before the existing IP post was announced in April so every project that was submitted before then are still allowed to continue. I haven’t seen any Star Wars projects after the announcement.

      • Gomek

        considering the circumstances, (of this being Grandfathered in, but Lego not wanting previous IPs submitted) I figure this has about a 0% chance of being accepted.

        • Reaven Veaceslav

          It feels kinda disingenuous and cruel to give people the false hope that it’ll have a chance. They’d be better off giving them a complimentary “thanks for playing” sort of gift and cancelling their project.

  • Reaven Veaceslav

    I’d be more into that than another Falcon

    • The Anonymous Hutt

      Especially since we are getting another one next year for Han Solo. They should release a Cloud City before Han Solo, and then release a huge Falcon alongside the movie featuring all three casts.

  • James Busch

    I know this was on Lego Ideas prior to them stating they will no longer accept ideas based on already existing IPs, but why did people continue to support this project? It is not even possible to get this set made due to this rule. The only set that I believe would’ve stood a chance was the Agents of Shield Bus idea as that was based on a show Lego has yet to touch (outside of Lola). And besides, Lego has already made this Star Wars set before, nearly 15 years ago in the Cloud City set. This is a completely unwarranted project to reach 10,000 supporters.

    • The Anonymous Hutt

      Hey, people can still stand up for what they want. Perhaps the fact that the set was released 15 years ago is why people are so eager to see this set made? An entire generation of children has never had access to anything related to Cloud City itself in a Lego set.

      Also pointing out that agents of Shield is technically not allowed either, as it is under the Marvel license, which Lego obviously owns.

      • colby ostrin

        Actually, the carbon freezing chamber is cloud city related.

  • jermain burnett

    Congratulation to the I Am You Father project got 10,000 Supporters and is part of Star Wars sessions and Darth Vader said I’am your father in Star Wars session.