Last week LEGO announced some new updates to LEGO Ideas. Some of the updates are smaller quality of life ones like the product ideas statistics in which you can see how many supporters your project gets per day. Also projects now require you to add at least one tag to improve categorization and discoverability of the submission.

The main update is the Product Idea Submit Flow. As we know by now, lots of projects and ideas may be tied to a certain intellectual property and requires LEGO to go out and try to get a certain license to be able to produce the set. LEGO has changed how you are able to submit a project if it is based on a certain IP. Now when you try to submit a project, you are asked if it is based on an IP. If it is based on something, a dropdown menu will list if it is allowed or not. If it is not allowed, you won’t be able to proceed but if it is allowed, you can continue on to the next step. They have given a quick explanation of how they evaluate what IPs are good to use or not.

-Overlap with currently commercialised LEGO products (i.e. Star Wars, Ferrari, etc)
-Have already been commercialised through LEGO Ideas (i.e. Beatles Yellow Submarine, Voltron, etc)
-Don’t fit the LEGO Brand (i.e. Game of Thrones or Call of Duty, etc)
-Contain a known license conflict that prevent us from commercialising the IP (i.e. Monopoly, Transformers, etc)

It there is an IP that hasn’t been used before, you can still try an submit it but the moderation team will determine if it is good or not to use. I think this new change is good so people who have a project idea know right away if a certain IP will work or not.

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