LEGO Ideas

LEGO Ideas has a new blog post that announced some new changes that have been implemented as well as some things coming to the site. The main thing is the updated look of the site overall. Some of the changes can be seen below.

-A redesigned, responsive site design with an improved mobile experience.

-A news feed that shows you top items according to a score by default. You can also toggle the feed to show the most recent items first by selecting “New” in the Sort By box underneath the left menu on any news feed page. Read more about how Top items are sorted.

-Redesigned navigation menus that make Contests more visible.

Projects are now called “Product Ideas.” We found the public called them “ideas” anyway, so we updated this for clarity.

-The Discover page now lets you search product ideas, contests, contest entries, and blog posts.

-We’ve updated our Product Idea Guidelines and Terms of Service. Most notably, now:
All product ideas must be submitted on your own behalf and not on behalf of an employer or client.
Under Prizes and Rewards, we have added a missing mention of the consolation prizes given for Product Ideas not approved in Review.

I will say that the new design looks good but it’s also very convoluted. Some of the filters went away including the “most supported” one which I think most people use to track what projects are close to reaching the 10k milestone. Honestly, now I can’t find anything on there and it looks like a mess.

Another thing that will be changing is that all the contests they run through LEGO Rebrick will now be ran through LEGO Ideas and it also means that Rebrick will be shutting down on September 1 so if you have anything on there, you have now until then to save your stuff.

What do you guys think of the new changes to LEGO Ideas? Let us know in the comments below as well as on the LEGO Ideas blog post in the link above.

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