Earlier today, the LEGO Ideas team announced some changes and updates to the platform. The most notable change is the one regarding the amount of days you get to achieve a certain amount of supporters. With the change, new Ideas projects will now only have 60 days to reach 100 supporters and after that, they will get a year more time. The current six month boosts at 1,000 supporters and 5,000 supporters will remain the same. Also, existing projects with less than 100 supporters will have their times adjusted to 60 as well. This change affected about 58% of the all the active projects.

This change obviously will clean up the site a bit more and will help weed out more projects that are just posted on there just because. This also means that people will have to think of other ideas of how to promote their projects. You can check out all new changes and updates to LEGO Ideas in the link above.

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