LEGO Ideas The Blues Mobile Achieves 10,000 Supporters

The Blues Mobile by Kai Einfeldt is the latest project to achieve 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas. It is also the first project to reach the goal in the First 2017 Review Stage.

If you’re not familiar with The Blues Mobile, it is based on the famous Dodge Monaco that was featured in the 1980 film The Blues Brothers. It is stated that the scale of the car is similar to the Ecto-1 and includes many details such as the large speaker on the roof of the car and an opening trunk. There are also minifigures of the Blues Brothers proposed as well.

  • Rick Sanchez

    can’t really see this being made, but they’ve done worse…
    kinda hope it does go through… i’d buy 2, maybe 3 to use with the gcpd figures.

    • Brian h

      How come you think so?

      • Rick Sanchez

        it doesn’t stand out as a recognizable pop culture vehicle… like there’s nothing on it that would let you know that it’s specifically from the blues brothers, other than the megaphone that was only used for one quick scene (which can’t be helped, it’s just a bland car)… most kids wouldn’t know what it was since it’s more of a generation oriented set like the yellow submarine, but the sub looks unique so it stands out. (and it had the cartoon that parents could show their kids…)
        like the ghost busters car wouldn’t stand out nearly as much if it was just a hearse without the crazy lights all over it, or the delorian if it didn’t have the time travel junk on it. plus with the blues brothers movie being a dark comedy, it doesn’t really feel like something lego would advocate or want kids watching…
        lego hasn’t been making good financial decisions as far as the ideas sets go lately (so says the warehouses full of adventure time and caterham sets that nobody is buying.), so they could end up making this. it’s easy for people to click a button on the internet saying they want a set made, but it’s another thing getting them to actually buy it.

  • Rob

    Considering I live near Joliet, IL, this would be a great set to have. Besides it’s the Blues Brothers.

  • casho2015

    Whoa I need this!