At the end of March, The Hearthean’s Ship from Outer Wilds by SuperSirLink reached the 10,000 supporter mark on LEGO Ideas but unfortunately, that victory was short lived as it will not be going into the First 2023 Review Stage. On the official LEGO comments tab, it has been stated that the project has been archived and is no longer considered to become a set. The reason why LEGO came to this decision was communicated to the fan builder privately. This is the second project for this stage that has been archived with the other one being the Gothic Castle.

Firstly, thank you for building and submitting your very well-done The Hearthean’s Ship From Outer Wilds.

Unfortunately, for private reasons communicated to you directly, we have had to archive your submission and no longer consider it further.

We’re sorry to be the bearers of this disappointing news.

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