The release of the LEGO Ideas The Orient Express Train (21344) is just around the corner but there is a sticker issue with the set in case you are building it right after release date. There are two sticker sheets in the set and one of them has incorrect coloring it. As shown below on the left, stickers 9, 10, and 14 are supposed to have a metallic silver finish to them but there will be some sets that have stickers with a flat flame-orange coloring.

LEGO Ideas The Orient Express (21344) Sticker Error

LEGO has already caught the error and has already provided the new stickers in future production runs. If you do get the wrong sticker sheet, LEGO suggests contacting Customer Service to get the replacement stickers. Below is the official statement that LEGO has provided about the issue.

We identified a color error in the sticker sheet for LEGO set 21344 and we have already implemented the change for future production runs. In the meantime, the parts warehouse has stock of the correct sticker sheets and we will provide replacement stickers upon request.

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