The UCS All Terrain Armoured Transport (AT-AT) by Cavegod is the latest project to get 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas. It is a massive buidl and uses around 6,000 LEGO elements with a total weight of around 17 pounds.

Since the project did hit 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas, it will probably not be approved by the LEGO Jury due to The LEGO Group’s ongoing relationship with Lucasfilm for official LEGO Star Wars sets. This has happened before with Mb_brick’s UCS Sandcrawler from last year. Even on the official comments for 5,000 supporters, LEGO said:

While we welcome projects based on current licenses like Star Wars in the LEGO Review, please keep in mind that a project based on an existing LEGO license has a smaller chance of passing the LEGO Review than other projects.

If you’ve been wanting an AT-AT, don’t fret. The summer 2014 wave of LEGO Star Wars sets are already showing up in stores and there will be one, albeit a lot smaller, in this wave (75054). Although Cavegod’s project will probably not pass the review stage, it is still an amazing achievement just to get 10,000 supporters.

The Labyrinth Marble Maze by JKBrickworks now becomes the highest supported project on LEGO Ideas.

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