There still hasn’t been any information about the LEGO Ideas Voltron (21311) set since it was announced that it would be become an official set until now. A user on Reddit has reported that the set will be 179.99 Euro/829.99 PLN which is equivalent to about $199.99 USD. This will make the LEGO Voltron set the most expensive one for the LEGO Ideas theme.

Because of the rumored price point, we can expect that it will have the most pieces in a LEGO Ideas set considering how big it will be with the five lions. For me personally, I love Voltron and if you somehow found my personal Instagram, you’ll see that I collect a variety of Voltron toys and I’ve been very anxiously waiting for the reveal of the set. The price point won’t probably deter me from picking it up, maybe even two, to display it both in lion mode and in combined mode, however it also may not appeal to others because of the high price point. Since it may be a summer or fall release, hopefully we get to see it at San Diego Comic Con since it’ll be a very worthy set to be on display there.

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