LEGO Ideas WALL•E (21303)

There hasn’t been much information about the new LEGO Ideas WALL•E (21303) since it was accidentally revealed back in June until now. Korean LEGO community BrickInside has somehow managed to acquire the set and has done an in-depth review on it, albeit in Korean. You can still translate the words but the most important things to look at are all the pictures the OP has provided. One thing that I got out of is that it says the release date was September 1 although Smyths had it listed as a December release so I’m not sure which one is correct until LEGO officially reveals it and provides the details. Below are some of the images of the LEGO Ideas WALL•E (21303) and there are a lot more in the link above.

Update: Sorry folks, looks like they jumped the gun on the review and have taken down the post.

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