For those who are excited to pick up the LEGO Ideas Winnie the Pooh (21326) when it goes live on March 18, we’ve been told that the set will be delayed a bit on release day. Normally, new sets go live at midnight EST/9pm PST here in North America but it will be delayed for one hour for some reason. Just be prepared when you don’t see it going live at the normal scheduled time as it affects all time zones around the world. We already seen something similar happen with the Easter Bunny’s Carrot House (40449) promo when it didn’t go live until five hours after it was supposed to, at least in NA.

Update: Someone mentioned this and I think this is the reason. Delaying the release essentially means that you won’t be able to double up on the Amelia Earhart Tribute and the Easter Bunny Carrot House promotions online, even if it was a small window to get both.

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