Back in May, there was a fan vote for an exclusive LEGO Ideas set that will be released at Target and the results are now in. With 16,317 votes, the winner is the Viking Village by BrickHammer. Working Mini Golf Course – Fully Playable had 11,575 votes while Marine Life had 6,732. The final details for Viking Village is still not known yet but it’ll most likely be next year when it releases. For those outside of the US or don’t have a Target, the set will be available normally through the LEGO Shop or at your local LEGO Brand Store.


We’ve tallied the votes of the Target x LEGO Ideas Set Vote and are finally ready to share the results of this exciting and extraordinary fan vote, our first collaboration with U.S. retailer Target. The fan vote sought to give one previous 10K creation a second chance at becoming an official LEGO set based on your input.

The 3 amazing product ideas that were up for contention were:

• Working Mini Golf Course – Fully Playable by LEGOParadise
• Viking Village by BrickHammer
• Marine Life by Brick Dangerous

Before sharing the results we wish to thank all 3 members for participating as well as the over 34000 members for casting their votes and showing us which set you would love to see on shelves.

Without further ado, we’re delighted to reveal the winning design “Viking Village” by BrickHammer, which won the fan vote with a resounding margin with the votes distributed as shown below:

• Viking Village – 16,317
• Working Mini Golf Course – Fully Playable – 11,575
• Marine Life – 6,732


We would like to offer a big congrats to Florian, aka BrickHammer, the creator of the Viking Village. We’re excited to kickstart work on his design to bring his vision to life as an official LEGO set. Florian has been a multiple 10K member achiever and even recently reached 10K with a new, updated version of his previously not approved Viking Village, so there’s no doubt of his passion for this theme.

The results of this fan vote once again show the strong desire of the community for products related to some of the LEGO Group’s nostalgic themes as we’ll see a revival of the old Vikings theme in this set. We’re excited to have this opportunity to bring the community something really special.

Florian’s design brings forth both a playful and displayable concept that Ragnar Lothbrok surely would be proud to call home.

You can learn more about Florian and his design in his earlier 10K Club Interview.


We’re still working out the final product design, pricing and availability for this set. We’ll share more on the LEGO Ideas blog when we get closer to launch. You can always stay updated on product launches and much more via the LEGO Ideas newsletter. Subscribe via your profile settings.

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