LEGO Inside Tour 2013 - Villy Thomsen Truck (4000008)

Every year, LEGO hosts an “Inside Tour” for guests in Billund, Denmark to let fans experience what goes on at the factories and exclusive LEGO sets are given away to individuals as a parting gift. This year, attendees will be receiving the Villy Thomsen Truck (4000008) as their going away gift. The truck was a very important truck back in the 1950’s because it was the first truck to transport LEGO products between cities. The instructions on LEGO’s site have been taken down but luckily, The Daily Brick has them up on their site if you want to build your own. If you’re interested in going to the LEGO Inside Tour for 2014, check out the site for more details on how you can attend next year’s tour.

**Via Brick Fanatics**

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