For those who are lucky enough to attend the 2015 LEGO Inside Tour in Billund, Denmark, attendees were given some swag during the very exclusive event. Shown above are some of the stuff that were given away to an attendee on the first day of the tour which includes some business card LEGO minifigures, keychain, pen, badge, DUPLO brick, a LEGO Simpsons Series 2 blind bag, a LEGO Jurassic World container with a piece of amber, and a trans-blue LEGO BIONICLE Gali Mask numbered to 200. Obviously the most notable items are the last two with the amber container not in an official set and a very exclusive Gali Mask similar to the Tahu Mask given out at NYCC last year.

There’s also the LEGO Inside Tour 2015 Set (4000020) that’s given out to everyone who attends but there’s no images of the set yet. I’m sure we’ll see something in a day or two since the first tour ends today.

There are still three tours left for this year, one later this month and two in June, and I assume the attendees will be getting similar items as well.

**Via BZPower**

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