With more people shopping online this year, there’s also a higher chance that people get scammed by some fake websites who are set up just to steal your credit card/personal information. LEGO has kicked off a campaign to teach shoppers how to spot a fake LEGO webstore. For most of us who have been in the hobby for a while, we can easily spot them but this is for some newer fans who are looking for deals.

The most evident sign is that the site is selling expensive sets at really low prices. If you see the UCS Millennium Falcon that is normally priced at $799.99 selling for $200, that’s obviously not going to happen. There was a legit sale last year for it when it went down to $480 but that was on Amazon which is a legit seller of LEGO.

LEGO on the backend has been taking down some of these fake sites but as we know, you take one down, two more pops up. If you see them on social media, you can always report them but it depends on if there are enough reports to get them taken down. The post also suggests that you can contact LEGO Customer Service to report them.

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