LEGO Remake

Yesterday, LEGO launched a new minisite called Remake which is pretty much a site to provide building instructions to create alternative models using official LEGO sets. The are seven different fan designers who will be helping out with the site including Attila Baranyai, Bertrand Lequy, Jason Allemann, Nicola Lugato, Peter Szabo, Tomas Vit, and Youngil Kim.

The alternate builds are separated in full and partial remakes. The full remakes use a majority of the parts from the official sets while the partial remakes only use some of them. Each build gives you a small description of what it is as well as the parts list and the instructions which you can download as a PDF file. Currently, Remake only has builds from some LEGO City sets.

You may wonder why LEGO released Remake since there is already Rebrickable which does almost the same thing. Natham Thom from Rebrickable released a blog post today explaining that he actually had a hand in helping create the new website although it was released not fully complete. LEGO has released a statement regarding why the site isn’t complete.

As you might have heard and seen, we launched a new site on called LEGO® Remake. The intention with this site is to provide older children with creative inspiration to what alternative builds they can make with existing LEGO® sets.

In order to provide the inspiration, we reached out to 7 amazing fan designers through Nathan Thom, the owner of Rebrickable. The Rebrickable website inspired the LEGO Remake project and over the past 6+ months we have been working closely with the adult fan designers to find a way to make alternative builds to existing LEGO products. Together with the fan designers, it is our aim to inspire children all over the world to keep building. The site is meant to be a real life test, to determine the appeal to children.

The fan designers have made some really creative builds within some tough constraints and we are really proud of what they have achieved. All instructions and images are created by the fan designers based on a number of guidelines for e.g. building instruction design and model design. For now, the site is a pilot and not many builds are up yet, but we have more in the pipeline, pending internal tests.

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