There’s a new rumor that we could finally be getting a LEGO Legend of Zelda set with the Great Deku Tree (77092). Word has it that it’ll be released in September and it has 2,500 pieces. If you’re not familiar with the Great Deku Tree, it was first introduced in Ocarina of Time, then later appears in The Wind Waker, Breath of the Wild, and Tears of the Kingdom and is the guardian of the Kokiri. The rumor also suggests that there will be a few characters from Hyrule including Link with his Hylian Shield. The pricing is still unknown at this time but I expect it to be around $300+ given the piece count and licensing costs.

LEGO has been working more with Nintendo brands with Super Mario and Donkey Kong so it’s not much of a surprise that the Legend of Zelda will finally complete the iconic trio of Nintendo characters. LEGO fans have long awaited for a Legend of Zelda set as there have been numerous projects on LEGO CUUSOO and LEGO Ideas for this game but every one of them haven’t passed their respective review stages.

As always, these are purely rumors until LEGO announces them or images show up at an online shop.

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