As we know by now, there will be another wave of LEGO Legends of Chima sets coming out in 2014. Sir von Lego on Eurobricks has given us some details on a few of the sets.

The Legend Beast sets will be brick built and will have minifigures riding on them. They are all $9.99 each.

Lion Legend Beast (70123)
Eagle Legend Beast (70124)
Gorilla Legend Beast (70125)
Crocodile Legend Beast (70126)
Wolf Legend Beast (70127)

Braptor’s Wing Striker (70128) – Minifigures include Braptor (Bat) and Eris. The Wing Striker is a brick built bat in black, lime, dark pink, and dark green. – $14.99

Lavertus’ Twin Blade (70129) – Minifigures include Lavertus and Scotter (Scorpion). The Twin Blade is in orange. Scotter’s vehicle is a brick built scorpion. – $19.99

Sparratus’ Spider Striker (70130) – Minifigures include Sparratus and Gorzan. The Spider Striker is a brick built spider is black and has dark red Technic pieces along with trans-green elements. – $24.99

Rogon’s Rock Flinger (70131) – Minifigures include Rogon, Rinona, and Sparracon (Spider). The Rock Flinger is a rhinoceros on wheels in white, black, and grey. – $32.99

Scorm’s Scorpion Stinger (70132) – Minifigures include Scorm, Cragger, and Laval. The Scorpion Stinger is a brick built scorpion in black and trans-dark green with a giant tail. It also shoots projectile balls. – $39.99

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