The Brick Blogger has posted some events that LEGO will be having as promotions for the release of the Legends of Chima theme.

Starting January 26, LEGO will be having an in-store tournament involving the Speedorz sets called the LEGO Chima Challenge. Participants will compete against each other to become the CHI Champion. A Chima poster will be given out to participants while supplies last.

LEGO Legends of Chima Challenge

The promo that will have people flocking to LEGO Stores and Shop@Home is the FREE Legends of Chima set. The set, which will probably be a polybag, will be an exclusive gift with a $75 purchase and the promotion will be available January 1-31, 2013 while supplies last. It does not state that you have to purchase just Chima sets to get the gift so any item(s) are eligible.

LEGO Legends of Chima January Offer

LEGO is definitely pushing the Legends of Chima theme throughout 2013 since Ninjago will be phased out after the final wave. What are your thought of the line and are you excited for these promotions?

**Update: We have found out that the set given away is Ewar’s Acro-Fighter (30250).**

Ewar’s Acro-Fighter (30250) Ewar’s Acro-Fighter (30250)

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