Have you ever wanted to be a LEGO Certified Professional? If so, LEGO is looking for two new LCPs in Mexico and Russia. LEGO has listed a job posting stating some of the requirements they are looking for and if you’re interested, you can send your application to [email protected] by May 28.

We are currently looking for two new LEGO® Certified Professionals in Mexico & Russia

Who can apply?

The LEGO Certified Professional program is, tailored for professional individuals with excellent LEGO building skills, a collaborative approach and a strong passion for the LEGO Brand, brick and building system.

The initial requirements that LCP candidates shall meet are:

• Document a working business model and business plan for their business which is focused on creating unique LEGO experiences.
• Document excellent LEGO building skills.
• Document ability to organize and drive building projects and coordinate events/happenings.
• You speak the native language (ie Spanish or Russian) and English.

How to apply?

If you can answer “yes” to the above-defined initial requirements, we welcome your application to the LCP program. Your application shall include:

• Description of your personal profile
• Documentation of business incl business model and business plan
• Record of LEGO experiences and your portfolio of work

Please send your application by e-mail to [email protected] by 28th of May.

Please note the LCP program is for LEGO entrepreneurs and does not apply to nor will we accept applications from companies or institutions.